Friday, April 23, 2010

More yard work

Whew! I'm tired again. I spent about three and a half hours today alternately mowing and knitting. The mowing I did was what I call trim mowing. My neighbor does most of my yard, just because he likes to mow - the riding lawn mower is one gas-powered vehicle he's allowed to operate. However, he doesn't try to get too close to the house or to trees, and he stays well away from the bank beside the driveway (he's legally blind). When the mower conked out on some high, tough grass and wouldn't restart, I gave it and me a rest. I sat on the back porch and knitted while I cooled off. The second break from mowing came when the UPS man delivered my Revlimid. I decided it was a good excuse to take another knitting break. The third break came after another conk out on tough grass. This time, as I walked to the porch, I saw that Robbie was mowing in my back yard. If he was worried that I was going to mow some of the area he usually does, he needn't have. The fourth mowing session completed the areas I had planned to do.

While I was mowing, I was also checking on the things Lexi and I  planted recently. Some of the glads have sent up their leaf-tips, three of the four lilies look great, and the other is not bad, but there is no sign of the bleeding hearts. The peonies and hosta that I moved are also fine.

I have some seeds I should have planted, especially since we expect rain tonight and tomorrow, but after finishing the mowing, I didn't feel like doing it.

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