Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yesterday I finally got out and did some flowerbed cleanup. I had my 6-cubic-yard wheelbarrow piled high with 'stuff' - mostly last year's flower stalks from hosta, peonies, silver-dollar plant and some member of the mint family that I haven't been able to identify. I also managed to get the stump of a small evergreen shrub out of the ground. The shrub died two or three years ago and I cut most of it away, but couldn't get rid of the stump without doing more digging that I felt like doing. The roots have finally rotted enough that I was able to pull it up. I guess I spent about an hour doing all that. In the process, I was able to assess the progress of my plants. The bleeding heart is blooming, hosta and peonies have sent up shoots, several silver-dollar plants are growing well, as are irises.

I almost cried when I looked out my kitchen window yesterday morning. While I was in Mayfield on Thursday, my neighbor mowed my front and side yards. Great, EXCEPT he mowed down my large bed of daffodils. I had not put a fence around them yet, because I figured as long as they were blooming he could see them (he's legally blind) and would mow around them. Since he started mowing part of my yard, I have always put a fence around them after they finished blooming to protect the foliage. (As long as the leaves are green, they are producing the energy for next year's flowers.) There are some leaves that didn't get cut all the way down, so I'm going to put up my fence anyway.

Lexi will be spending a couple of days with me next week (spring break). I plan to have her help me plant the bulbs I bought from one of the school fund raisers. 

My Little Model

When I went to meet Lexi's bus on Thursday, and then take her to gymnastics, I took along the shawls, capes and one laprobe I have ready to take to church.  She was dressed up because of some special event at school that day. I don't often see her in a dress. She particularly liked the coral shawl and found the orange cape very soft.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if it was just the lighting or if Lexi's hair is really getting more brown that blonde. In a couple of these pictures, she looks more like Sara than her mom.