Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three down - two? to go

rugs on the current warp, that is. I've done more weaving this week than knitting. This warp (200 threads, 7 yards long) wound on easier than any other I've ever done! When I was threading the heddles and reed on Monday, I kept smelling wood smoke. It was a cool day, so my first thought was that someone nearby was using their fireplace. However, that's not something I've ever been aware of here. It finally dawned on me that the odor was in the loom. It was from the small bonfire I was beside at the Walk through Bethlehem in December. It's not noticeable when I just walk past the loom, or even when I wove off the rest of that warp, but when I was doing that threading I had my nose almost resting on the loom.

The warp is a bit on the light side of medium blue. The first rug is royal blue, the second is stripes of royal and light gray, and the third is gray. Last December, the pastor of the church said something about maybe having door prizes at the 'Walk' next time. I figure I can donate two rugs - that blue and gray one and a red and black one I'll make before than. Those are the colors of the Graves County and Mayfield schools, respectively.

I have done some knitting each day, of course. On Sunday, I started an afghan for my great-niece Kailee. I 'designed' this blanket several months ago, when I was working on a laprobe using the same stitch. I had half of the yarn in my stash, and bought the rest shortly thereafter, but it has all been sitting on the shelf since then, while I worked on other things. It's going quickly because I like doing the stitch (two-color half-linen stitch) and the yarn is very easy on my fingers. 

One of the shawls I have on the needles is taking me ages to do because the yarn is hard on my fingers. I keep setting it aside to do other things, but am finally getting close to the end. Several times I thought about ripping it out and giving the yarn away, but I persisted. I probably will give away the yarn that is left over - enough for another shawl or a sweater.

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