Friday, September 2, 2011

Trip to Central KY

Last Thursday, I drove to Stanford to visit my sister Pauline. The trip is mostly parkway driving, but around Bardstown I took US150. It is two-lane and in some places it has no shoulders (typical of KY), but most of it is quite nice. Before I knew it I was in Perryville (site of a Civil War battle), then Danville (where the KY constitution was drawn up) and finally in Stanford (one of the first three settlements in the state, when it was still part of VA). They are starting to reconstruct the fort.

On Friday, Pauline, Mac and I drove to Cynthiana to visit our aunt Edna, and have lunch with her. She's the widow of our father's younger brother, and one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Mac tired to take pictures of Edna, Pauline and me, but they came out blurry, so I deleted them.

On Saturday afternoon, some of Mac's high school class got together for lunch/supper. I was only in 7th grade when they were seniors, but in such a small school, 7th through 12th used the same classrooms and the same teachers, so I walked the same hallways they did that year. Out of their class of 35, only two have died, but only a dozen attended the reunion. (I think about a third of my class have died, and we're five years younger.) I enjoyed the get-together. They started telling stories on each other, which was fun.

While we were having our meal, my sister Renee drove down from Louisville. It's always nice for the three of us sisters to get together.
Here we are in age order, left to right, Pauline, me, Renee. Mother always said I had the prettiest smile, but I certainly don't here. I'm looking rather gaunt; I guess that's from losing 65 or 70 pounds. And of course, pulling my hair straight back doesn't help, but it's much cooler that way in summer. It looks like Pauline was standing in a hole; she's not that much shorter than I am, and Renee is actually the shortest.

On Sunday, we went to McCormack Church; Mac's great-great-grandfather gave the land for the church to be build on. It is on the historic register. There were 15 people there, and no pastor. A retired pastor in the Christian Church serves them, but he has recently had surgery (I think that's what they said), and is not back yet. But Carolyn (she was a year ahead of me in school) was there to play the piano (so much nicer than an organ) and her son-in-law to lead the singing, so we sang some songs, did some responsive readings, and had communion.

After lunch, Renee and I drove to her house in Louisville, and I spent the night with her and Michael. On Monday morning, we did their usual breakfast at McDonalds, where their son-in-law dropped off the 2-year-old, Liam. (The 6-year-old goes to school with his mom who teaches kindergarten.) We dropped Liam off at the pre-school at their church; Renee would pick him up later and keep him for the rest of the day. I left after that and drove home. It was a very nice weekend!

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