Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful Day

I think I agree with my niece that she was named for the best season, although I like spring a lot, and parts of summer and winter are OK. I spent a lot of time outdoors today. The temperature got up into the 80's, the sky was clear, and there was an occasional soft breeze. I mainly sat on the back porch knitting. Every few minutes I heard a walnut or two or three or a dozen fall. Looking at that part of the yard, one wouldn't believe that Rose and I picked up hundreds of walnuts on Friday. I only picked up one bucketful today - of the ones that had bounced a distance from the others. I also tromped around on the ones we had placed on the rocks to loosen up the hulls. I used a walker to make sure I wouldn't fall. Then I picked up several dozen nuts without hulls; I wanted to bring them inside before the squirrels got to them.

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