Saturday, October 1, 2011

I got my flu shot Thursday -

at the pediatrician's office!
I guess this is an example of why it's good to have family around when you have young children. Rose was sick Thursday morning (she didn't seem sick, but Sara knows her child), so Sara took her to Reggie's grandmother's house rather than school. Since she can't make phone calls from work, she asked Alyssa to call the doctor and get an appointment for her and let Jane know when it was. The one she could get didn't work well with something else Jane needed to do that afternoon, so Alyssa called me. I had planned to be knitting with the charity knitting group at that time, but I agreed to pick Rose up from Jane's house and take her to Dr. Paul. Rose has flu. She made an awful fuss about the test they use to confirm it. I had mentioned in passing that my immune system is weak, so they asked if I had gotten a flu shot yet this year. I said that I needed to call the county health department to find out when they are giving them. Dr Paul and her nurse said that they could give me one. Since I was being exposed to flu right then, I decided that was a good idea, so I gave them my insurance information, and Rose watched while I got the shot. I commented to the receptionist while I was giving her my insurance cards, that they probably don't often bill Medicare. She said they had one other grandmother so far this season.

Rose spent Thursday night with me, and most of the day yesterday. Since she was feeling OK and it was warm, we went outside and picked up black walnuts. They were so thick on the ground, that she filled her one-gallon bucket without moving. I raked some of them together and then sat on my canvas camp chair to fill my five-gallon bucket. I lost count of how many times we filled them. I've been making a pile and letting the squirrels have them. However, a friend told me a few days ago that she has a nut cracker especially for black walnuts, so we spread some of them out on the rocks between the back porch and the herb garden to dry out. After we get the hulls off, I'll take them to her house to crack.

Later, Rose played 'school' with a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls. It was picture day.

And then the group picture with the teacher:

Sara picked Rose up after she got off work yesterday, and then I met Alyssa halfway between here and her house and got Lexi. This morning I had her model my most recently completed shawls.

This is a 'random shawl' done in many different green yarns, plus one silver eyelash one.

These two are basically the same - a solid and a variegated worked in alternating garter stitch ridges, and then with a simple border in the solid color. Very easy, but I like the way they turned out. Do you thing the orange one is bright enough?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are you!!!!!


Carmen said...

I'm in tears looking at the picture day pics :)

I love you mom and I'm soooo glad you're you too!!!