Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Reunion Reprise

My sister Pauline just sent me two pictures from the reunion in July that I hadn't seen before. At the supper Friday night, we went by 'families' to one end of the room so people who wanted to could take pictures.
 We are the Ethel (Mother's name) family. From left to right: Mac (Pauline's husband), Pauline, me, Renee, with her grandson Aidan in front of her, Liam (Renee's other grandson) and Autumn (Renee's daughter, mother of the two boys). We had 'introduced' ourselves, and were ready to return to our tables, when Renee belted out two choruses of "Y'll Come." I love the expression on Autumn's face. She obviously didn't know her mother was going to do that.
And this was a moment later, when we all applauded - even Renee. The shirt I'm wearing is from the reunion sixteen years ago. It is a family picture from 1935 showing Grandma and Grandpa Lien, with all twelve of their children. The names and birth dates of the twelve are printed around the picture. That time, each 'family' had a different color shirt; it helped in identifying the younger ones.

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