Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Special Request

Sunday, when I was at Sara's house, she told me that Rose's dance school will have a program/mini-recital next week. Rose will be one of a group of munchkins dancing to the "Witch is Dead" song from the Wizard of Oz. Sara had bought a suitable dress for her, but asked if I could knit an apron and a bonnet. Since Rose is the one who thinks that I can knit anything, I figured I'd better try. I had Sara sketch what she wants and include measurements. So, when I got home, I pulled out suitable yarn and needles, and started working on the apron. I made a few false starts, but finally worked out how to make the bottom semi-circular as she drew it. I finished knitting it on Monday.

On Tuesday, I looked at bonnets on Ravelry to get ideas, and then sort of did my own thing there, too. I ran in the ends on both garments this morning. Here's what they look like.

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Anonymous said...

Rose will be the best dressed munchkin of the group!!!