Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another stocking

A few days ago, Carmen emailed me a question, "Does Jaimee have a stocking?"
I replied, "I'm sure I haven't made one for her. Should I? If yes, what should I put on it?"
The answer was yes.
Less than a week later, here is the result. The manger and Mary were done 'free hand.' The star is from a chart I did many years ago. The letters were as Carmen designed them for her children's stockings - also many years ago. The heart on the bottom of the foot is from one of my stitch dictionaries. It is actually meant to be worked in seed stitch (all one color, with the stitches done here in red done as purls). I like it in two colors. The wreath is from something I found in my 'Christmas stockings' folder, with the beads added.
It is now wrapped and ready to travel to NJ on Wednesday. I hope Jaimee likes it.

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Anonymous said...

You just totally amaze me with your creativity!!