Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend with great-granddaughters

Lexi spent Friday night with me. I picked her after she got home from school. Before leaving Metropolis, we went to the Hallmark store there. I found one of the remaining ornaments I was looking for, but still am missing the one for Rose. Then we stopped at Kroger in Paducah for a few things, including something for our supper. We got a garlic herb rotisserie chicken and some frozen spinach. The spinach package we got said it served four. I decided to cook the entire package (with olive oil and garlic), because I know how much Lexi likes it. I like it too, and probably took one and a half servings - she ate the rest.

She wasn't satisfied with the star Rose had drawn for the top of my 'feather' tree, so she made an angel and moved Rose's star down a few branches. She also strung more popcorn to put on the other little tree.
 She has started playing trumpet in the fifth grade band, so she brought the instrument along to practice. Not very melodic, but then she's just starting. I could get nothing but squeaks out of my clarinet at that age, and didn't continue. I hope she won't give up. They're having a concert tomorrow. I'd love to attend, but it's at 6 pm, and I don't like driving that far (about 40 miles each way) in the dark. I told her there will probably be another concert in the spring that I can attend. She seems to be all right with that.

Alyssa was going to pick Lexi up yesterday, but she called and said she had a migraine, and also had no gas in her car, so I drove Lexi home. As soon as I got back, Sara, Reggie and Rose came. Sara had called earlier and asked if I would keep Rose overnight.  They had a Christmas party to go to. These girls are both great kids, but I do prefer to have them here one at a time.

This morning as I was cooking breakfast (French toast), there was a call for help from the dining room. "Grandmother, I've started a fire!" Rose had decided to light the candles on the table, but had dropped the match on the edge of a placemat. So now I have one placemat with a badly burned fringe. I told her she's a bit young to be using matches..

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