Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oral Surgery

Last Thursday (12/15) when I went to the oral surgeon for a follow-up in the bone-scraping he did last year, he said there was still a little piece that was stopping the complete healing, so he wanted to do more, plus some on the other side of my mouth. Since I was being 'put to sleep,' I had to have a driver. Tuesday morning (12/20) Sara drove me there for the 9 am appointment (after dropping Rose off at school for her final day before Christmas vacation). About an hour later, she helped me walk to her car, drove me across the road to the Davis Drugs in the Super Valu store to get three prescriptions filled, and then took me home with her. As the anesthetics wore off, my mouth started hurting. I took two doses of Percoset that afternoon and evening, but have not needed any since than. I'll be taking Augmentin and rinsing with Peridex for at least two weeks until I go back to let him check the progress of the healing and remove the stitches. It really feels funny to have all these little pieces of thread in my mouth. I also look sort of funny, with a great deal of swelling on the right side of my jaw  I've started using heat packs on it today.

Lexi was with us, as well. Alyssa had called me Monday morning and asked if I could pick her up from her grandparents' house and let her spend a couple of days with me. So Lexi slept on the top bunk in Rose's room and I slept on the couch in Sara's living room. Then we females all got up about 4 am (Reggie got to sleep a little longer before getting up to go to work) and left about 4:30, headed to Charleston WV. There we met Rose's dad and let him take her back to NJ for ten days.There was drizzle frequently on the trip out, but it was clear most of the way back. We took Lexi home to Metropolis and then Sara brought me home. I had her call me when she got home so I wouldn't worry about her. She did all the driving - I was just her navigator.

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