Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Forecasters Were Correct

It was very comfortable (considering the layers of clothing I wore) at the Walk through Bethlehem last night, and then it did start raining some time during the night. About 2 pm yesterday I thought we might need to cancel last night, too, because it was windy. However, the wind died down, and it was beautiful. About quarter to eight, the pastor came around saying we were going to stay open an extra ten minutes because of the number of visitors who were still in the 'village.' But, just about eight o'clock the wind picked up again, and the pastor announced that all visitors needed to make their way to the village gate, and 'inhabitants' should wait for further instructions. I started closing up my loom, getting ready to leave about the time he started giving those instructions. Men came quickly for the loom (and me - they've always given me a ride on one of the golf carts, since I slipped, fell and broke a bone in my left ankle the first night I participated three years ago).

When we were back in the church basement (I'm glad it has an at-grade entrance), and out of our costumes, they announced that there were about 475 visitors. So there were close to 1,000 visitors over the three nights. It's really a shame we had to cancel tonight, because several churches would probably have brought their youth groups.

Since it was probable that we would cancel, I brought my costume and my rug home with me. I figured that if it didn't rain, I could easily take them back tonight. In fact, they're still in the car. I'll bring the costume in tomorrow, wash it and put it back in the closet until next year. The rug will go back on the floor. I guess someone will bring my loom and stool back to me some time this week. Then I'll finish weaving off that warp and tie on another one to weave a few more rugs. During the pause after I got the loom opened last night and the first visitors arrived, I was planning a fair amount of weaving I want to do in the next few months - got to use up some of this 'stuff' I have. I have to get myself to put down the knitting needles sometimes.

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