Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finished Projects 2011

It's a couple of days early, but the only thing I may finish in the next three days is another baby blanket. While I ate lunch today, I went through my logbook and counted the projects I finished in 2011; only two of them had been started in 2010.

shawls - 26
short capes - 3
scarves - 9
hats - 9
dishcloths - 19
lapghans - 6
baby blankets - 11
doll clothes - 4
toddler jumper - 1
slippers - 3 pairs
sweaters - 2
apron - 1 (for great-granddaughter's dance costume)
Christmas stockings - 3
mittens - 3 pairs

According to my logbook, I have the following projects in progress:

purse - 1
lapghan - 1
shawls - 4
scarf - 1

I have also woven six throw rugs, and have the warp for six more on the loom, with one of them half woven. In addition, I have two bookmarks woven and warp for several more on the little Structo loom.

 The rugs are woven on a 4-harness floor loom that is about a meter square and has six treadles. The reeds I have for it limit me to a 27 inch width, but I think I could use a 30-inch reed. The Structo loom also has 4 harnesses, but it sits on a table and has hand-manipulated levers rather than treadles. It's maximum weaving width is 8 inches. I put a short (2 yards, I think) warp of 20 threads on it one day when Rose wanted to weave. I decided yesterday that I want to weave off that warp as bookmarks, and then put on a wider one to weave mugrugs. I may even decide to carry it to the knitting group sometime.


Anonymous said...

You always amaze me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great! These items should have depleted your stash some. Happy New Year.

Jim and Judy