Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baa, baa black sheep

Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir
Three (or four , or five, or . . . bags full.

Yes, those bags do contain wool. Looks like I need to put a new drive band on this wheel and get busy spinning.
Last Friday, when I talked to Marcia at the senior center, she asked if I could make some small felt balls for her cats to play with. The wool I have in the house is a breed that does not felt well, or is some I don't want to use for that purpose. This morning I went to the shed and brought in all of the wool that was out there.

I was glad to discover that some of it was dyed - with Kool-Aid.
 I took out a handful of each color. I started to card it, but then decided to just 'pick' it by hand to fluff it up.
Made quite a difference, didn't it?

I started forming the balls by hand (like rolling a ball of Play Doh) in a basin of hot, soapy water, and then put them in old knee-high stockings and ran them through the washing machine.

Two of them turned out horribly, but the other ten are OK. Most of them are larger than Marcia wants, but Alyssa's cats may like them.

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