Saturday, January 21, 2012

But then some are smart alecks

Yesterday I decided to go to the Mayfield Senior Center for lunch, since I hadn't been there for several weeks. I was bookkeeper there for six years, but it has been six years since I retired. In that time several of the regulars have died or become too incapacitated to go to the Center - we are talking about senior citizens, after all. There are also 'new' people who are now regulars, whom I don't know. One of those new women often serenades the people on the piano during lunch time. She was playing yesterday, but was taking a little break when I got up to leave. She was talking to someone near the door to the hall when I got to that point. Seeing me, she said, "Oh, wait. Someone has asked me to play a song for you. Stand here while I go back to the piano and play it."

So I stood there. I figured it was probably Byron who had requested it. When she started playing "The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be . . ." I had to laugh, I looked to where Byron was sitting and knew I was right. I went back to talk to him, and he admitted it. She also called over, "He's the one who asked for it."

But not all my friends there are smart asses. It was good to see Marcia. She didn't go to the center, except one night a week when the bridge club met there (and I was at home), but has recently started having lunch there a couple of times a week. She's one of the first people I met in Mayfield, because she is also an Episcopalian. When we closed St Martin's, she transferred to St John's in Murray (it's closer to Mayfield) and I transferred to Grace in Paducah (it's closer to Milburn), so we don't see each other often. It was very nice to talk to her for a few minutes.

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