Saturday, January 28, 2012

Early spring?

We can hope, can't we?

I went to Dollar General in Fancy Farm this afternoon. As I went down my driveway, I saw a lot of daffodil foliage, AND several daffodil buds! It's almost a month early for that.

I took these two rugs off the loom yesterday. Today, I cut them apart at that white line you may see, and hemmed one of them. They are actually both about the same length.

One of them will be for my great-niece and the other for the silent auction at the Mayfield Art Guild's Gourd Festival in September. Red and black are the school colors for the Mayfield School system, and also, along with white, for Barry University which Lexi will start attending in the fall.

Now I have started putting a yellow cotton warp on the floor loom. I plan to make as many placemats as I can with a five-yard warp, using yellow plastic bags from Dollar General and ShopRite as the weft.

On other looms, I am making mugrugs and bookmarks.
 The mugrugs are on the BonHop loom, which is sort of a toy.

The bookmarks are on the 8-inch, metal Structo. It isn't really cockeyed, just appears that way because of the angle from which I took the picture. 

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Anonymous said...

Adele, you are amazing!!! So much talent