Sunday, January 1, 2012

Change in Plans

Reggie was planning to go with Sara yesterday to pick up Rose. However Friday morning, on his way to work, he hit a utility pole. He has two broken bones in his right arm, and a lot (off topic, one of my recent pet peeves: I wish people would stop trying to make that one word) of bruising in other places, including his face. He was in surgery 4 1/2 hours Friday evening, getting metal plates screwed into the bones. The surgeon had estimated two hours, but found it was worse than the x-rays looked. I was surprised that he was discharged yesterday.

Sara stayed at the hospital until he was brought back to his room and settled in for the night. She got home at 2:20 am. I was there sleeping on her couch. She said she had slept a little in a recliner while Reggie was in surgery, and was afraid that if she went to bed and managed to fall asleep, she wouldn't be able to wake up in a couple of hours. So we left for West Virginia then. We had about four hours of driving before it got light, and got to Elkview WV about 11:30 (of course it was 12:30 there) Chris, his wife and father-in-law, and Rose got there 15 or 20 minutes later. They put all of Rose's 'Christmas loot' in Sara's trunk, and we headed home. We heard, "Are we there yet?" many, many times in the next seven hours.

When we got back to Mayfield, we picked Reggie up from his parent's house before going to theirs. Then Rose had to open all of the presents under their tree. Between NJ and KY, she got enough toys and clothes for ten kids, to add to the abundance she already had. I got home a bit after 9 o'clock.

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