Thursday, March 15, 2012


That's the name of this colorway of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn. I think it was named by a 1960's hippie, high on pot (or LSD). I like all of the colors in it, and I thought it looked interesting in the ball, but when I got a couple of inches worked, I thought, "Whoa!! That looks pretty wild." Even more so in the sunlight than on a cloudy day like today.

I got some of the things done today that I had planned - like filling the windshield washer tank on the car, replacing the passenger-side wiper, and checking the lights (I had thought that the right headlight wasn't working, but then it wasn't really dark last time I had them on.) I also taped a bumper sticker in the back window. My friend Mary gave it to me recently. It reads, "If i knit fast enough, does it count as aerobics?" I think the answer to that is NO, but if it did, I'd be in great shape.

I had also planned to walk down the driveway, applying stump killer to the little stumps of volunteer trees that my neighbor's family had cut off the bank last week. However, the weather has not been good for that. It has looked all day like it is going to rain, and there has been thunder and lightning, but only a few drops of rain, so far. I don't want to take a chance of the poison being washed off before it can take effect.

I spent two or three hours sitting on the front porch knitting. I untied the porch swing from the pillar, and sat in it for a while. It's almost the time of year when the great-granddaughters refuse to sit in that swing. There is a holly tree at that corner of the porch, and it is almost in bloom. The buds are open enough that it smells heavenly, but there are only a few bees buzzing around it yet. In a few days, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

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