Thursday, March 22, 2012

Show 'n' Tell

I took a few items to the knitting group at the coffee shop yesterday.
First was my second Felicia Shawl. I call it that because the first interrupted mitered-square shawl went to my daughter's friend Felicia. Although Felicia has commented that the holes are too large, I think I made them the same size again - not sure, because it has been at least three years.The holes get smaller as they go from point to top.
It's really a very simple design, with no sewing because I picked up stitches from existing 'squares' to make new ones.

 Next was a rectangular shawl with pockets at both ends. On this end, I sewed down the middle to make two pockets. The other end has one large pocket with a button to keep it from gaping. I think this one would be suitable for a man, as well as a woman.
 The pockets are knit 3, purl 3 rib, but the rest of the shawl is a pattern of squares three stitches wide by four rows long.

I also had a bib that I designed on the needles. I took all of these pictures Tuesday at the Ice House (Mayfield Art Guild). After I got home that day I unraveled the strap and redid it, making it a couple of stitches wider and a couple of inches longer. I will sew a button on the top, right corner; the strap has several button holes in it. I also made a burp cloth with the same yarn, but the stripes are horizontal in it. When I had my kids (1966 & 1968), we never heard of burp cloths. We just threw a clean diaper over our shoulder for that purpose. However, since most people don't use cloth diapers now, burp cloths are important.

Last night, since I have finished the two shawls above, I started two more. And today at the luncheon for seniors at church, I started another burp cloth.

Spring's progress:

 They're both flowering crab apples. I have only the one white one, but four of the pink ones. The pink ones have reddish leaves.

The redbud, dogwood and lilac are also in bloom.

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Barbara said...

The shawl is beautiful! I admire your talents!