Thursday, October 22, 2009

Am I losing it?

It started yesterday:

First I missed two turns.

Then I got into an exam room at the Cancer Group. I was warm, so I took off my sweater - a v-neck one. While I was waiting, I looked down and realized I had my blouse on inside-out. I put the sweater back on. I'd have stood against the door and switched the blouse, but the nurse had taped the tubing to the blouse after she drew blood because she knew I'd be back for my VelCade treatment after seeing the doctor. I did go into the ladies room and turn the blouse around before I left the building.

I think that was all for yesterday.

I had forgotten to get my Atenolol prescription filled when I was in Mayfield on Tuesday (the ones from the Cancer Group I get filled in Paducah, but this as from my family doctor in Mayfield), so I had to do that today.

First I was two blocks past the electric company before I knew it, so I had to turn around and go back. I usually mail the payment, but the return envelope was sealed shut - I guess my mailbox leaks and we've had a lot of rainy days recently.

Next stop was the Hope for Life Pregnancy Resource Center to drop off some knitted items - 4 or 5 baby blankets, five baby sweaters and eleven hats. I always breath a sigh of relief when I take a bunch of things like that out of the house. The doors were locked. I checked to make sure it was a time they should be open. I found the doorbell - it's an old house and the bell has been painted over several times, so it's not real obvious. A woman came and couldn't understand why the door was still locked. I explained to her that the buttons were not sewn on the sweaters because the neuropathy in my fingers makes sewing needles difficult for me to use. She said that was OK.

Then to the drug store with that prescription. The insurance company wouldn't pay for it because it was too soon. They didn't pay attention to the fact that it was a new prescription with a new dosage schedule. Since it was only $12 for the month's supply, I just went ahead and paid it.

Next, at the gas station I first pulled up to the wrong side of the pump, but I realized it before I turned off the engine.

I made it from there to Big Lots with no problem, but bought some things there that have more sodium than anyone should consume.

Finally, on the way to the bank, I missed 2nd Street and had to turn down 1st, then get over to 2nd later.

From there I made it home OK.

Now I think I need to just sit and knit.

No children, I don't need a keeper yet!

And Dr Winkler used the term remission again, but said we'd continue the treatments for a little longer.

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