Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fair Exchange?

I'm glad yesterday was sunny - great for driving the 65 miles to Cadiz for the Lake Area Fiber Artists meeting. There were only five of us this month. Ellie was working on a quilt, Eileen was weaving shoelaces on an inkle loom, and Jan, Vickie and I were knitting.

Last month, Dorie had asked if I had any cotton yarn, so I took about six pounds of a variety of cottons with me yesterday. Dorie didn't show up, so I told the others to help themselves to the yarn. Vickie was interested, but Eileen reminded her that she's trying to cut down, because in a couple of months she and her husband are planning to start traveling around the country living in an RV. Jan took a couple of pounds of it. She asked if I wanted to trade for a basket she had there. I said, "I have enough baskets. Just take the yarn." A bit later, as we were packing up to leave, Jan asked if I'd like an apple crisp. I said, "Sure," not realizing she meant the whole 9 x 13 pan.

I ate a bit of the apple crisp last night (very good), and took it with me to the Ice House/Mayfield Art Guild this morning. A little bit more got eaten, but the rest is in my refrigerator. I'll be eating apple crisp for the next week.

Alyssa called this morning and asked to borrow one of my sweater drying racks. She joined us at the Ice House and worked on the sweater for herself that she's almost finished with, and then on the cat costume she's making for Lexi for Halloween. I'll have pictures of Lexi in it next week. As she left, I reminded Alyssa to get the sweater racks out of my car. She came back in a couple of minutes and asked if she could have some of the cotton yarn, which I had left in the car yesterday. She has something in mind to make with some of it. I told her to take it all, though I imagine she'll return some of it later.

It has rained all day today. I got into Mayfield earlier than I planned to - Dana was just arriving to open the Art Guild, so I decided to go to Big Lots before the knitting group rather than after. I'm really glad I did, because it wasn't raining very hard then. When I left the Ice House this afternoon, it was pouring, so I sure didn't want to make any stops.

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