Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes, I'm an enabler!

A couple of weeks ago, Alyssa called and asked me to bring some yarn, knitting needles and learn-to-knit books to her. I taught her and her sister the basics when they were seven and eight, I think - they are now 23 and 24. She has called with questions a few times. One evening she said she was very tired, so I suggested that she set the knitting aside and I would look at it the next day. When I got there, she had either found the error and corrected it, or she had fudged it and finished the bootie/slipper she was making. She plans to come out here tomorrow or Thursday to shop my yarn supply. That sounds good to me; she can help me get rid of my stash!

Sunday she called and asked if I have a tatting shuttle. One of the books I took to her is the Coats & Clarks Learn How to - Knit, Crochet, Tat, Embroider. She thinks tatting looks interesting. I said that I have one, and I know I do, but I cannot find the dang thing. I did find the little kit from a needle tatting class I took at a knitting conference sixteen or eighteen years ago. I went to WalMart before I went to her house today, thinking I'd buy one for her, but our WalMart has almost no needlecraft stuff now. She works near Hobby Lobby and Michael's, so she said she'll buy a shuttle at one of those stores. At least I gave her the needle tatting kit and a ball of thread suitable for tatting.

Yes, I intend to continue to be a fiberarts emabler!

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Anonymous said...

emabler? embalmer? what was that last word? dom