Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ginger's Hoodie

One of the patterns Alyssa printed out from the Internet the other day was a hoodie for a cat. She thought it would be fun to make. I think she did a great job on it. There were a couple of new skills, like picking up stitches for the sleeves and the edging around the hood. Can you believe that Ginger is actually wearing it?
I got a little wild last week on this baby blanket. It is done in mitered squares, which I find addictive. It was a good way to use up some of the little balls of yarn I always have on hand. I think I'll make another one soon.
I'll take this blanket and a few others, plus these little sweaters and several hats to the pregnancy resource center in Mayfield. The sweaters all need buttons. I'll pick them out from my button stash (You didn't think yarn was the only thing I had a stash of, did you?), but I can't sew them on because of the neuropathy in my fingers. I guess the girls who get them can sew on the buttons. I'll take pictures of the hats and post them soon. I'm having fun with them. Each one takes only about two hours.
And here are the elbow-length capes I made for the woman who asked for one for her mother. Her husband picked it up from me at the Art Guild today (and paid me, of course). I hope the mother enjoys wearing it.
This picture gives a better idea of the shape of the cape. It's my own pattern, which I am trying to refine. The closure is a loop of I-cord and a 'button' made of a length of I-cord tied in a knot. (I-cord is made by knitting three or four stitches on double pointed needles, pushing them to the other end of the needle, pulling the yarn around the back of the work and knitting the next row. It can also be made on a 'knitting knobby', knitting nancy' or a thread spool with four nails pounded into it. The I stands for idiot because the cord is often used to hold the two mittens of a pair together. I remember having mittens linked by a cord of some kind threaded through the sleeves of my coat, but didn't hear them called idiot mittens until I met my husband.)


Anonymous said...

Adele, those sweaters and blankets are terrific. What a wonderful deed you are doing by donating them to the Pregnancy Resource Center.


Melanie said...

I had to see it and, sure enough, the cat IS wearing a hoodie! I'm extremely impressed that Ginger would hold still long enough for Alyssa to get it on her without some battle wounds. Good kitty!