Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three in a row

Days of meeting with other fiber people, that is. Monday was the Lake Area Fiber Artists which met in Murray. There were seven or eight of us, knitting, spinning, etc. Dorie just sat there and talked - or mostly listened. She wants me to bring some cotton yarn next month. I'll be glad to get some of it out of the house. And another woman (I cannot recall her name) wants to borrow my picker for her to process some of the wool she has. I made notes on my calendar so I'll remember.

Tuesday was the weekly get-together at the Art Guild in Mayfield - four of us. I'm trying to teach Louise to knit, but I think she would have been much better off if Jo had been in the room the first time she came. Jo is much better at teaching than I am.

Wednesday, after my oncology appointment, I went to the coffee shop and met with six or eight other knitters and crocheters - and Mary Margaret. She is a Paducah native who worked for the city (oops, that should say 'county') for ages and knows everyone in town. She doesn't knit or crochet, but likes to join us on Wednesdays to talk. We enjoy listening to her telling about Paducah over the years. Also in the group is Lisa G, who has a farm with a variety of animals. She's just acquired two Jacob sheep - she already had a few of another breed. We were talking about processing the wool. She's interested in doing some dyeing with plant materials, so I've pulled a few books off the shelf to take to her next week.

On the way home Wednesday, I heard a funny noise - sort of like something being thrown around in the right front wheelwell. I pulled into a church parking lot, and looked to see if I could find any reason for it. I couldn't, but then I know very little about cars. I decided to continue on my trip home, but was unable to turn the steering wheel. That was one of the times I'm glad Carmen and Alyssa insisted I should have a cell phone. I called AAA and they sent a towtruck to tow the car back to my regular mechanic in Mayfield. It was about 6 pm when we got there, so the garage was closed, of course. The driver dropped me off at Alyssa's house and I asked her if I could sleep on her couch. She had a better idea. Since she didn't need her car until afternoon, I drove it home. That way I got to sleep in my own bed, and more importantly, didn't miss any medication. The problem with the car was that the belt tensioner had broken and torn up the belt. It was the little pieces of belt that I heard being thrown off. It didn't take long to fix once they got it into a service bay, and only cost $140.

After all that, I took Lexi to her gymnastics class. Trevor would be home from work before we got back, so it didn't matter that I don't have a key to their house. Right! As soon as I closed the door (locked automatically), Lexi said, "Oh wait, I need shorts." It's hard to do gymnastics in jeans. Fortunately, Alyssa called right then and came up with a solution. She called Nana, Lexi's Gill grandmother, who only lives five miles out of town and always has a supply of clothes for all her grandchildren. When we got thee, she was standing in the driveway with a pair of shorts in her hand - another disaster averted! This was the first time I took Lexi to gymnastics; it was interesting.


The numbers seem to be OK in my tests. The results of the 24-hour urine collection should be available next time. After Wednesday, I will have only one cycle (3 treatments) of VelCade. Then we just have to wait and see what will happen.

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