Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strange Dining Experience

One of the side effects of the Revlimid I take is diarrhea (boy, that's a strange word!). Immodium helps, but another thing recommended is eating rice. Yesterday I decided that between my oncology appointment and knitting at the coffee shop, I would go to a Chinese restaurant and have a plate of fried rice for lunch. I have often noticed a sign for one called Wah Shing about a block down from where I usually turn off Jackson Street to go downtown, so I went there. There were about half a dozen cars in the parking lot, but when I walked in there were NO OTHER CUSTOMERS. The cars must belong to the employees. It was about 12:30, so I don't think I had just missed a lunch crowd. The food was OK, but it sure felt funny sitting there by myself. If I decide to have fried rice for lunch again, I'll go across the street to Chong's. I haven't been to that one, but I've been to the one by the mall many times.

While I was waiting (briefly) for my food, I looked at the Chinese Zodiak on the placemat to see what various family members were. Daddy was horse, which seemed appropriate because he loved horses. Mother, as well as my son-in-law, was rat. While the common idea in this country of 'rat' may be appropriate for Bob, I hardly think it applied to Mother. Being six years apart in age, Mom and Daddy were opposites. I think anyone who knew them would find that appropriate. I don't remember what attributes were listed for any of the signs.


When I got to Market Square, I was able to get a parking space almost in front of the coffee shop. That hasn't happened for a while. There were a couple of knitters there whom I hadn't seen for a few weeks, plus a young lady who is a fellow Berea College alumna. She didn't have anything with her to work on, because she didn't know about the group, but she may join us again.


Since I am almost at the end of twelve cycles of Velcade, Dr Winkler has ordered another bone survey (about three dozen x-rays of every bone in my body) and an MRI of my spine. He's also referred me to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. I've never had one. So next week I have medical things every day but Tuesday. Monday will be the tests. Wendesday I go to the ophthalmologist in the morning and the gastroenterologist at 3 pm. I think that timing should work, even if I have drops in my eyes. Thursday is my oncology appointment, and Friday I see the orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up on my hip replacement.

I won't have the colonoscopy next week, but just give history and be evaluated for posibly having the test. Sixty-eight years old and never having had one, I'm sure they'll say I need it.

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