Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rest of the Week

Tuesday I went in to Mayfield and sat at the Art Guild for a while, but no other knitters came. Dana (former director) was there; it was good to see her. She was entering some gift shop items into the 'consignment book.' I asked if any of my stuff had sold. She checked my pages and discovered a couple of items, so she had Shane give me a check for $22.??. After I left there, I cashed the check and then went to Big Lots to get more of the Earl Gray teabags I like. I picked up a few more things, as well. When the clerk rang it up, it totaled $22.04!

Wednesday was church, doctor, knitting. My labwork is still good, so I'm still off medication. Dr Winkler ordered another bone survey (a series of x-rays of every bone in my body), because it had been a year since the last one. That will tell if there is any myeloma lurking in my bones. Knitting at the coffee shop was good, as always, and I did get that lapsang souchong I mentioned in my last post.

Thursday I stayed home. Sara brought Rose out in the evening to spend the night. She has changed jobs and needed to be at the new one at 7 am for and IR seminar about benefits, so she had asked me to take Rose to school and then pick her up after school.

Friday I was up early to take Rose to school. After I dropped her off, I drove to Paducah for the aforementioned bone survey. Then I returned to Mayfield and went to the senior center. They were having a Health Fair there, so the place was very busy. They were also doing a survey, asking everyone if they were registered to vote. If not, they would register you. I had lunch there and then stayed (knitting, of course) until about 1pm. Then I drove to the school, parked in the lot, reclined my seat, and dozed for an hour and a half. By 2:40, there was a line of cars waiting to pick kids up, so I put the seat back up and got into the line. After Rose got in the car, we went to the library where they were having a used book sale. I noticed several of the books I had donated last week. Rose selected one book, so I spent 25 cents - I thought it was supposed to be 50 cents, but the woman gave me back $4.75 from the five I handed her. When we got home, we picked up walnuts until Sara came. We had only picked up a couple of buckets by then.

Yesterday I 'harvested' some of the sunflower heads - Lexi wants the seeds. I also picked up 22 dozen pine cones. There are still several dozen under the trees, as well as a couple hundred in the neighbor's yard. My other neighbor's family dragged the downed tree limbs from my yard to his burn pit and then he mowed part of the yard. I spent most of the day knitting.

Today I'm staying in - it's been raining off and on.

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