Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rob and Chuckles!

My 'twins' are 44 today. Actually, they are not related to each other, or to me, but they both lived at my house for varying lengths of time.

Rob came with two cats named Royals and Saberhagen (sp), He was a big Kansas City Royals fan, and Brett Saberhagen was his favorite player. He was there most of the time for about eight years, while he finished his senior year of high school and worked his way through Rutgers, Camden. He was extremely hard to wake up, but the semester that he did his student teaching, he was up and out of the house before I got up for work. He loved teaching high school English; I hope he still does.

Chuckles (actually Christopher, but only his parents call him that) was only with us for about two years. He didn't come with any pets, but later acquired a cat that he named Dogfood, and for a brief period, had a snake he called Fluffy. Last I heard, he's a free-lance photographer and sometime bar tender. He was studying photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia while he lived at my house.

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