Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weaving & knitting: what else is there?

I sat down to finish weaving off the warp in the little Structo loom, and realized that there was not enough left to make another book mark. So I cut them off and trimmed them up.
They'll go to the Walk through Bethlehem in December.

I finished another shawl on Tuesday and had Lexi model it after her dental appointment yesterday. The stitch pattern I used is called English Rose Tweed and is meant to be knit with three colors, as in the afghan I'm making for my great niece.
However, I decided to do the shawl with one multicolor yarn and six solid colors. Every other color change is the multicolor, with the six solids worked in sequence. I left long tails at the beginning and end of the solid rows to become fringe. I call it my Cottage Garden Shawl.

It went pretty well with the clothes Lexi was wearing.

These are the seven yarns I used.

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Christa said...

I love that cottage garden give me a good idea about some leftover yarn. Thanks!