Monday, April 30, 2012

Little storm

After knitting on the back porch for a while this morning, I decided to mow the fenced area, since they were forecasting showers. I only got about half of it done before I ran out of gas. (And I didn't feel like going to get more.) I had planned to  mow a bit more of it, but leave the patch of fleabane that is growing there. I know that is generally considered to be a weed, but for now, in my yard, it is a wild flower, which I am enjoying watching wave in the breeze. I will mow it down eventually.

After that little bit of mowing, I fixed my lunch and ate it on the back porch. When I sat back down to do more knitting, I started hearing thunder to the west of me, and finally rain on the tin roof of the porch. Then the wind picked up and I started getting a little wet, so I moved to the front porch. It faces east, and the wind was from the west, so it was dry. The storm only lasted a few minutes and then moved on to the east, but it cooled things off a few degrees. When I moved to the front porch, I was glad I had left a sweater in my chair there yesterday.

It's a good thing I did the mowing when I did. I'll have to take the gas can along with me tomorrow and buy another gallon so I can do more mowing on Thursday or Friday.

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