Thursday, April 19, 2012


My day in Paducah:
First a visit to the Cancer Group - they drew blood, I talked to Dr Winkler, nurse Robin flushed my port. All of the test results were good. The Mayfield hospital didn't do all of the stuff they were supposed to with that last 24-hour urine collection, so he wants me to do it again. I plan to have Western Baptist Hospital do it this time, but forgot to go there for the jug yesterday. I'll do that next Wednesday and then do the collection the following Tuesday and turn it in the next day. They scheduled me for a mammogram next Tuesday. My next visit to Dr Winkler will be in mid-July; at that time, I think he will take another bone marrow sample.

Next, I got a new windshield installed on my car. The boss asked me who installed the last one. I told him I had no idea as it was done before I bought the car. He said if it had been done by one of his men, he'd have to fire that man, because it was a lousy job.

I missed church because the windshield installation took longer than expected.

Then I took my sewing machine to English's to be repaired (they have the best reputation in the area). I don't know how old the machine is; it was a reconditioned one when I bought it about 25 years ago. It's been virtually unusable for about a year. I wound up buying a new machine for not a whole lot more than it would have cost to repair the old one.  The needle threader on it is worth most of that difference. I spent some time today getting acquainted with the new machine.

I finally made it to the coffee shop about 2:30, and sat there knitting and talking to my knitting friends for about two hours. That's always a pleasant time.

After that, I went to the gas station to fill the car's tank, and then to Hobby Lobby. They didn't have one color I was looking for for Lily's blanker, but did have what I wanted for another project.

That was a full day! Today was much quieter. I sewed, knitted and trimmed back the bushes on either side of the shed door. Alyssa stopped by to look for something in the stuff she still has here. Today was her birthday - 27 years.

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Anonymous said...

Awww... I miss them too -- and I miss you. Ypu should make a facebook page. Everyone is on there but Rob.