Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two more shawls

In the past week I have finished two more shawls, both of which I at least started with someone else's pattern. The first one was called passion summer shawl; I liked the stitch pattern. 

I had three balls of yarn in the same colorway, but one was a different dye lot. I put that one in the middle just in case it was obviously different. As you can see, the lengths of the color changes is different, making it 'pool' in that section. Trust me - the other end looks like this one.

For the second shawl: I was intrigued by the shape of one I saw online named Kwoosh. It is an asymetrical triangle, and was designed as a scarf or small shawlette, using sock-weight yarn and size 4 needles. I wanted it bigger, so I took an orphaned ball of worsted-weight yarn and used size 9 needles. When I finished, it was still quite small, so I decided to add a border. The stitch pattern I used for that is called snowdrop lace, but if turned upside down, it looks like tulips to me, especially since I added two extra rows to each repeat of the pattern.

 No, I've never seen tan tulips either, but they were beautiful in red on the shawl I gave my aunt last year.

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Barbara said...

Your shawls are beautiful. The snowdrop lace adds a lovely touch.