Friday, April 20, 2012

Working Outdoors

I pulled up about a hundred black walnut trees this morning and threw them in my neighbor's burn pit. They'll help fuel his next bonfire. Of course, none of them were more than a foot high. All that pulling brought some nice, long worms to the surface. I'm really glad to see them there.

I also did three sessions of mowing. Two of them were no more than half an hour each, but the other one lasted until the mower ran out of gas, which usually takes about 45 minutes. There's always more mowing to do, of course, but I was tired, even though I took fairly long knitting breaks between sessions. It was overcast and only got into the low 70's today, and with a breeze it felt cool. While mowing, I got warm, but not really sweaty; while sitting on the porch, I needed a sweater. They are predicting rain for tonight, so it's good I got a little bit mowed.

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