Monday, April 2, 2012

On The Diagonal

Someone in one of the Yahoo! knitting groups commented recently that she was stuck on the diagonal. I guess I have been, too. First there was the diagonal baby bib.
Then came the Diagonal Pinstripes Shawl:
This is one of my favorite non-patterns to knit. It's a great way to use up almost-full skeins of leftover yarn, and non-knitters think it's much more complicated than it is.

Finally, the Diagonal Lattice with Cables Shawl:
I should have straightened out that one end - it does not suddenly loose the diagonal. This is some wool that I spun a few years ago after dyeing it with KoolAid. The flavors, from the bottom are: Black Cherry, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Grape, Wild Watermelon Kiwi, Tropical Punch, Raspberry Reaction, Orange, unknown, Switchin' Secret. At the time I did the dyeing and spinning, I taped a tuft of the wool to a sheet of paper and wrote the flavors beside the tufts. I guess I missed one, It is close to the Raspberry Reaction, but not quite the same.

This is also almost too simple a construct to be called a pattern, although it is a bit more complicated than the other one. I like working on easy stuff, where size doesn't matter. Therefore, I do a lot of shawls and scarves.

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