Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday I loaded a bunch of things into the car. This morning when I went to Mayfield, I stopped first at Mills Manor nursing home and gave them these three laprobes and one short cape.

Next stop was the Graves County Library. They will be having a used book sale next Friday. I cleaned these books off my shelves a few days ago.

Next I dropped a bag of clothes off at Kevil Corner (a local entity similar to Goodwill). Then on to the Hope pregnancy resource center with these baby blankets and sweaters.

After that I went to an old house that houses several agencies and gave them these scarves, children's sweaters and hats. I think there were a couple of other items I stuck in that bag after I took the picture, as well. I had a lovely conversation with a lady there about needlework of various kinds.

Finally, I went to the Art Guild ostensibly to knit. But first I looked to see if there were any 'new' books in the Books & Bargains Corner that I'd like to read. About the time I finished that, Mary came in and we talked for a couple of hours. I wound up not knitting a stitch and I think she didn't do many on the bag she's crocheting. She brought a new knitting book for me to look through of patterns to make with one skein of sock yarn. It's hard to believe that some of the shawls were made with only one skein. We talked mostly about non-knitting things - her recent trip to New York state to visit family and my upcoming move.

Concerning that move: I had a realtor out to look at my house yesterday. I plan to sell it and move into an apartment. I really can't take care of 1.4 acres of ground, and I'm also tired of having to drive 15 to 30 miles to get to the places I want to or need to go. Now I need to decide whether I want to live in Mayfield or Paducah. I dread moving; I wish I could wiggle my nose and plop this house down on a flat, quarter-acre lot in or near one of those towns.


Lisa Goff said...

Hello friend! Please keep your posts coming! Although I don't regularly leave comments I read your blog frequently and love to hear about your comings and goings and what's flying off your needles!

I hope to see you soon!
Lisa G

Christa said...

I am amazed how prolific you are. I am not accomplishing half of that. Love the things you knit.