Thursday, September 15, 2011


I made it home from Paducah just in time yesterday - well, not JUST in time, but I hadn't been here long. Only enough to spend a few minutes online at the Paducah Housing Authority website. When the wind started, I shut down the computer, and almost immediately the power went out. But it came right back on, then went off and on three or four more times in the next ten minutes, before going off for about an hour. The storm didn't last long, but the wind and rain were terrific while it did. Shortly after it stopped, I heard a chain saw not far away.

When I went outside, I discovered a lot of things on my back porch blown around and a fair-size limb from my black walnut tree on the ground. And the north end of my house looked like this:
There were also some branches from another tree on the ground.

My neighbor's mother and sister came into the driveway while I was out assessing the damage. They had just come back from Paducah. They had to pull over on the way, because they couldn't see to drive. They said that a tree had fallen on the power lines just at the edge of Milburn, causing the power outage.

While I was in Paducah yesterday, I drove by several apartment buildings/complexes. I need to make some phone calls to get information on some of them.

Right now, I need to log off and go outside to set the back porch to rights.

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