Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer?

Saturday our temperature was in the high 90's; someone told me it hit 100. Today it is not quite 70, cloudy and windy (Because of tropical storm Lee?)

Rose spent all day Saturday with me, and Lexi was dropped off mid-afternoon. Rose decided that the bathroom needed cleaning, so I gave her a can of cleanser and a cloth, and pointed out the toilet bowl brush. Here she is hard at work.

She was still in her pajamas when her mother dropped her off before 8:30, and hadn't changed yet.

Yesterday was a double birthday party. Granddaughter Sara was 25, and her boyfriend's daughter Kyra was 7. They cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs and had two cakes - a regular one and an ice-cream one.

And, of course, there were presents - mostly for Kyra.
 Kyra is wearing the Hello Kitty ears Alyssa and Lexi gave her and the shawl I gave her. I think Rose is helping her figure out what she wrote on the card she made.

So Kyra now has a shawl, but it's not pink. Lexi started the shawl thing about two years ago. One of the shawls (gray cotton slub) I made for church turned out a bit small. Lexi thought it was just her size, so I let her have it. Then Alyssa wanted one just like it. I thought I had more of that yarn, but discovered that I didn't. I made swatches of three yarns that were close (many of the yarns I have are no longer being produced.), let her choose which one she wanted, and knit her shawl (greenish-gray cotton boucle). When Sara and Rose moved out here last year, Rose wanted a shawl, so I knit one for her (gold cotton). Not long after that Kyra wanted a pink one. I told her father and Sara to tell her that I don't knit for people who don't eat well. She has asked me several times to make her a pink shawl. The other girls say she shouldn't get to choose her color, because they didn't. I didn't have enough of any shade of pink for even a small shawl anyway. Now Sara is the only one without a shawl. She wants black, but my eyes won't allow that. I will make one in any color she wants that is not too dark.

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